Example from our Professional Experience

Initial situation

The client is a middle-sized enterprise with 100 employees abroad, supplying the food and natural cosmetics industry with organic oils. If subjected to a customer audit, this enterprise would not be  approved as a supplier due to non-compliance with essential requirements. The enterprise’s  turnover and revenue lie clearly under its market potential.

Approach and proceedings

During the first week I begin by speaking to managers and selected personnel from purchasing and supply, production, laboratories and sales departments. I examine the provided documentation and familiarize myself with the company data and conditions on site. This preliminary work provides the basic concept for a written initial situation analysis containing all the relevant aspects which are drawn up by me at the end of the week. The next step is to develop a plan of action, which describes in detail which non-conformities and deviations and optimization opportunities are of relevance for functional and economic success. After completion of my consulting work the enterprise benefits from the following concrete results:

  • Contact to and qualification of new suppliers
  • Establishment of a quality department with professional competent supervision
  • Revision of documentation
  • Supplier/Vendor release of the enterprise through end customers
  • Development of relationships between the company and inspection/control boards, universities, research institutes and associations.
  • Conclusion of long- term client contracts under favourable conditions
  • International benchmarking with important competitors
  • Introduction and familiarization with new market objectives
  • Professional exhibition/fair representation at international events and gaining of new clients